HelloOX2 for hack S60 3rd & 5th phone.

What is helloOX2?

One step is an HelloOX2 Hacking tool for all Symbian S60 3rd & 5th phone. You can see  a list of symbian phone on my post
Hacking mean that it can get full access to your phone's system folders and files, with this capability, HelloOX2 Could install a root certificate to your phone, and with the root cer & key pair you Could sign any apps to install, include the Manufacturer capabilities requested apps. Completely annoying fix certificate errors!

for example:ROMPatcher + is a Manufacturer capabilities requested app, Using it to patch the installserver you'll be Able to install any apps without signing anymore, but the only way to install it is Hacking your phone. HelloOX2 is here for everything you need. Hacking in only One step, just run it, it does all the rest for you. It have been Tested and confirmed working on almost all devices, include the newest Symbian S60 Nokia phone model X6, N97, 5800, i8910/Omnia HD Samsung, Sony Ericsson Satio/U1/U1i...etc.

How to use it?

Install to your phone, run it after install. All steps run automatic, just wait and see.

run HelloOX2 again after Hack, it'll prompt a menu let you choose UnHack or Hack again.

What HelloOX2 does?

1. Map drive
2. Unpack Hacking files to the virtual drive
3. Activate file system
4. Unmap drive
5. Install root certificate
6. Install RomPatcher
7. Done!

1. Sign file HelloOX2_unsigned.sis with cer & key from OPDA

3.Open ROMPatcher apply file patch: Installserver_FP2.rmp

HelloOX2 here 216.46 KB

Hack.s60v3.s60v5.zip HelloOX.1.03. (new update) 

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