how to Signing Unsigned BiNPDA Files(s60v3)

In this post i would like to describe the procedure for Signing Unsigned BiNPDA Files.

To do this you need to follow the following 4 steps.
Step 1 :
Install the TRK application for your Respective phones using the list below..

s60_3_0_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx for SymbianOS9 devices WITHOUT FP1
s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx for SymbianOS9 devices WITH FP1

Nokia N93i
Nokia N91 8GB
Nokia E62
Nokia E50
Nokia 5500
Nokia N93
Nokia N73
Nokia N80
Nokia N71
Nokia N92
Nokia E70
Nokia E60
Nokia E61
Nokia 3250

FP1 devices:
Nokia 6124 classic
Nokia N82
Nokia N95-3 NAM
Nokia E51
Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia N81
Nokia N81 8GB
Nokia 6121 classic
Nokia 6120 classic
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
Nokia 6110 Navigator
Nokia E90 Communicator
Nokia N76
Nokia 6290
Nokia N95

Now Connect your Phone Via USB in PC suite MODE
> Open TRK application from your phone, Select USB mode from settings
{Don't use Bluetooth Connect}
now you get the following screen..

Keep Metro TRK running on phone.

Step 2 :
Now Double Click on Secman.exe {attached below} and Follow Instructions..
You will get the following Screen :

Now Security manager will look for your com ports to which your phone has been connected..
If you Know your Port, select it and click NEXT..
If you Don't, then simply "Check" the Find Metro TRK ports automatically and click Next.

** TIP : To know Connected port
My Computer > Properties > Under Hardware Tab > Device Manager > Ports. { you will find your phone there }

Step 3 :
Security manager now install the "Secman" in your phone.
You will get following screen and then..


Step 4 :
Now the last and final part which is done using your phone..
 > Open the Secman from your phone

Application is too simple to use..

"Turn Plat security OFF"
This option will Hack your phone in other words you will be able to enjoy the Symbian Freedom, like any other hacked phone you can Edit and move Private files n folders..

When your phone is hacked you see this screen :

You can " Turn plat security ON " when you are Done.

 Now the Important part..

" Install Root certificate " With this you can install any unsigned file, you will not be prompted for any certificate errors during installation of unsigned files like Normal Signed files.

" Restore Default " This will Remove all Root certificates and Remove Capabilities, making you phone like you used to use your phone before hacking.

" Uninstall Secman " will remove it from your phone."

Please keep in mind, if you format / upgrade your phones firmware, you'll need to do steps 1 & 2 again and after that manually install those apps from Application Manager.

Now you can install Unsigned BiNPDA files and your Phone will not ask for Certificate errors.
No Certificates no symbiansigned... for BiNPDA releases!!

s60 3 0 app trk 2 8 6.sisx

s60 3 1app trk 2 8 6.sisx


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