Transport Tycoon-9.4 / ^ 3

"Transport Tycoon Deluxe" - economic transport strategy, in which the player's goal is to create a profitable transport empire.
However, to get even the minimum income will be difficult at first. For all that you have at the beginning - this is not very advanced vehicles and a bank loan for 100,000 pounds.

To make money themselves poured into your pocket, you will connect businesses and city railways and highways, creating air and water transportation routes. All of this will be accompanied by not very competent, but fairly persistent attempts by competitors to grab a slice of profits.

Action game does not stop for a minute. Over time, new vehicles, but can - and new forms of transport. Cities grow and require more resources, in addition, growth in passenger and freight traffic makes it necessary to increase the capacity of railways and roads, construction of new routes and purchasing new vehicles. Specific requirements dictate, and weather conditions: you have a choice between a moderate, arctic and tropical climates. On top of all, your little world is constantly threatened by those or other misfortunes: economic downturns, plane crashes, explosions in the factories, floods, etc. Technical progress and updating of transport, the fight with competitors and opposition of the local authorities - all this you will never get bored during the entire game a hundred years.
Ext. Information: Installation Instructions:
1. All the SIS files and SISX of the install files for the phone (in any order).
3. Copy the files from the Data folder on the memory card openttd / data
4. Run the game, go to the menu and set the advanced Setting / Interface / Interaction / Left-click scrolling - a green / on
5. The folder has a crack that Throws the card in a folder openttd

If you have unlocked smartphone , and then swing set, if not, the file must sign .

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