Get certificate NOW for symbian mobile

How to get certificate for your symbian mobile?

1. Goto and register your account.(Click for full size)

2. Fill in the registration form as shown in the image below
3. Once you've registered, log in and click on the large orange 'apply cer' button. Fill in your phone's details (you can find your IMEI number by typing in *#06#)
4. After a few hours or days, check back to and in "My Certificate" you should have a green checkmark along with a download link for your .cer and .key files. Drag and drop those to your desktop.
5. Download and Install SignSISGUI here:

6. Start SignSISGUI, click SignSIS!

7. locate your .cer and .key files under General Settings.

8. Then under SymbianOS Installer File, at the input box locate Any file you want get certificate! example HelloOx.. the output box should fill in automatically.

9. Hit SignSIS!, hit OK, then look for HelloOX.1.03._signed on your desktop.

10. Install example: HelloOX.1.03._signed to your phone

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