Call Control v1.0. os9.x/9.4

C using this program for smartphones, you can set effective parental control on child's phone to keep him from communicating with strangers. 
The program blocks all incoming and outgoing voice and video calls, SMS and MMS messages from people who do not have a phone contact list where you installed Call Control. Also blocked all incoming WAP Push messages. 
Call Control prevents any changes in your contact list and keep records of all calls and messages made on the phone for later viewing. 

Intuitive and simple interface will help you quickly understand the settings. Just run the Call Control and enter a password, the program will block all unauthorized calls and messages. The password can not be ensured to disable the program to outsiders, but you can disable Call Control or change the history of the magazine. The program also offers protection from the close of its third-party applications. A detailed log displays all calls, messages and attempts to contact someone, a list of changes indicating the exact time when they occurred, the ability to read the full text of all SMS messages.
Cured from the greed team FoXPDA.
The file should be signed or install on your smartphone, open full access.

download here 150.05 KB

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