Remote S60 Professional 9.x/9.4

Remote S60 Professional - with the help of the program for smartphones Remote S60 Professional, you can manage your Nokia smartphones from PC. You can access and control all applications on your smartphone using a computer keyboard, while viewing the phone's screen in a virtual window in real time. The perfect tool for presentations, tutorials or device and test application. 
Works as a USB or via Bluetooth.

- High quality display screen; 
- Flash-Video recording from the phone screen for publishing on the Web; 
- Support for creating a YouTube video of high quality (480 x 360, 30 fps) 
- Automatic obrabatyvanie change the screen orientation (Landscape Portrait) 
- Creating an uncompressed and lossless AVI video while working with the phone; 
- Add a phone skins to the video recording; 

- Size and background color freely adjustable; 
- Open any URL in your phone's browser from a computer; 
- Customizable (HTML) on the entire screen (with the option of changing the zoom) 
- 3 levels of zoom (2x, 3x and 4x) 
- Support for many shells of mobile phones (shows different models of mobile phones) 

- Connect via USB cable DKU-2 (compatible phones only) 
- Connection via Bluetooth; 
- Use the keyboard to control your phone in real time; 
- Copy and paste text from computer to phone and vice versa; 
- The possibility to take screenshots and save them to Clipboard or your computer; 
- Profiles for quickly switching between different settings and commands 
and much more.
With Remote S60 Professional, you can effectively demonstrate any applications or services on your phone in real time.

compatibility Symbian ^ 3 and S60v5.

Healed of greed: FoXPDA.
According to the main link for the application on the phone (requires a signature), in the attached file to your PC.

download here 100 KB

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